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Sara Sharpe LaMance

Artist I Activist I Coach

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"Sara Sharpe is at the very core of vital dramatic activism, powerfully forging theatrical experiences on global issues with pure spiritual conscience."

Andy Van Roon​, Film Nashville

About Sara

Artist, activist and coach for over two decades, Sara Sharpe LaMance is the founder of FESTIVE EVOLUTION: Art & Activism in the 21st Century. Under the Fest Ev umbrella, Sara has created a vast body of work that meets at the intersection of art and change-making with  particular focus on women and the global women's movement. She is a playwright, award winning actor, and certified life/communication coach. Her current work, STILL/WILD, is an ongoing look at the dual importance of STILLNESS in the form of a rugged and regular contemplative practice, and WILDNESS in the form of fierce and unyielding change-making. Also currently in production (as it were) is THE LETTERS PROJECT: Letters from Across the (political) Divide.

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"Sara Sharpe is a force. Artist, activist, leader, she draws a powerful, soulful, compassionate circle of people into her considerable gravitational pull..."


Amanda Cantrell-Roche

co-founder, Blue Moves Dance Company

Praise & Reviews

"It is refreshing to meet an artist/activist such as Sara Sharpe; she is a visionary who believes in the power of theatre to inform public debate about relevant social issues. In viewing events produced by Sara, we are not merely entertained, but enlightened, challenged and motivated to take social or political action. The Nashville community is blessed with her presence and is stronger because of her artistry."

Keith Martin
ARTS Action Research
Charlotte, North Carolina

"Actor, writer and coach, Sara reminds us, gently and often, that personal and planetary transformation (in that order) are within our grasp. Relentlessly creative herself, Sara has tremendous faith in the power of art to illicit such change. This faith, along with her infectious enthusiasm for the burgeoning worldwide women’s movement, makes her a perfect fit for women's groups everywhere. If you have a chance to work with her or hear her speak professionally, don’t miss it."

Dez Stephens,

Radiant Health Institute

Current Projects

Sara is the founder of Festive Evolution and STILL/WILD. She is creator of The Letters Project: Letters from Across the Divide

Festive Evolution: Art & Activism in the 21st Century

STILL/WILD: Contemplative Practice for

Change-making Women

The Letters Project: Letters from Across the Divide

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"Sara is simply one of the most tenacious

women I know. "

Dixie Gamble

Gamble Productions

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